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Pet Orthopedic Surgery – Orange County

Is your pet struggling to walk? Has their condition been worsening each day? If so, there could be an underlying orthopedic problem. Untreated, orthopedic conditions can limit the quality of life of your pet. Surgical treatment can provide immediate relief and allow your cat or dog to lead a full life that's filled with lots of play and happiness.

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When Would Your Pet Require Orthopedic Surgery?

At Affordable Animal Hospital, we are one of the premier veterinary clinics in Orange County. We have a highly-qualified and board-certified team of veterinarians who have extensive experience performing orthopedic surgeries on cats and dogs of all ages. We can help diagnose and treat your pet for any orthopedic concerns they may have.

Your pet may have a bone or joint condition if they:

  • Are suddenly very inactive or slow to answer commands
  • Are unable to walk, run, jump, or do any of the movements they normally do
  • Experience pain and discomfort when trying to sit down or get up
  • Have swelling on or inside a bone
  • Are experiencing muscle tenderness
  • Suffer from muscle spasms and joint pain
  • Have suddenly lost muscle mass in the limbs
  • Make popping or creaking sounds when walking or running
  • Have started limping

If you notice any of these signs, bring your fur baby over to our Orange County animal surgical center immediately.

Visit our Orange County Veterinary Center for Orthopedic Surgery

Once you bring your pet over to our Orange County Affordable Animal Hospital, one of our highly-experienced vets will do a thorough assessment of your pet’s health. At our animal hospital, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to veterinary care.

We will customize the treatment plan to suit your pet’s medical requirements and ensure they receive the best care possible. So, be sure to let the doctor know of any previous surgeries or medical conditions that your dog or cat has had. The type of surgeries we usually perform are:

  • Surgical fracture repair: Fractures sometimes don't heal naturally. In such a case, we will surgically set your pet's fracture using metal screws, rods, plates, or pins.
  • Bone and joint replacement: Age and overuse can damage a bone or a joint extensively, and there may be no way to save it. But the good thing is, these bones and joints can be replaced surgically using metal implants.
  • CCL & TPLO: Cranial cruciate ligament surgery is designed to repair tears in the CCL. Sometimes, a simple suture cannot fix the tear. Your pet’s joints need to be stabilized as well. This is where we will perform the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy to fix your fur baby’s joints in place.
  • Arthroscopy: What endoscopy is to the digestive tract, the arthroscopy is to the joints. Here, a small incision is made on the treatment area, and a probe-like device with an attached camera is sent inside. Small surgical instruments are used to surgically treat your pet through this incision.

Additional Orthopedic Procedures for Pets

  • Congenital limb deformity correction: Some pups are born with an orthopedic deformity. Our Orange County vets can correct these conditions and help your pet live a full life.
  • Patellar luxation surgery: Does your pet have a knee problem? The kneecap can chafe and disintegrate over the period of a pet's life. Patellar luxation surgery is a great way to treat kneecap-related conditions.
  • Limb amputation: Sometimes there is no choice but to amputate your pet’s limbs. Our number one priority is trying to minimize the degree of amputation needed, so your pet can lead a comfortable life post-surgery.
  • Ostectomy: Ostectomy refers to a group of bone removal surgeries. Sometimes, certain bones in your cat or dog's body may be too diseased or damaged. They may be causing more problems for your pet. Removing them is a great way to stop the orthopedic condition from worsening.

How Should You Care for Your Pet After Surgery?

Right after surgery, your pet requires lots of rest. So keep them off their feet immediately after the surgery. Our vets will provide a detailed recovery plan with the required sets of exercises that your pet will need to do every day for the next few weeks, in order to regain bone and joint strength.

You will need to bring your pet back to our Orange County animal hospital for a post-surgical check-up. We will advise you about the next steps you need to take in order to help your furry friend recover.

If you’d like any more information or assistance, feel free to contact our Affordable Animal Hospital in Orange County.

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